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Steadfast Certification is established as an independent certification and inspection body with its main objective to safeguard life, property, information and environment through quality assurance and total quality management. Steadfast certification is established as an impartial Conformity Assessment & Certification Body directly accredited by Global Accreditation Board for Certification and Training.

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To promote Consistent Quality Delivery and help organizations to remain Globally Competent, Competitive and Profitable.

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The mission of steadfast is to promote Quality Delivery through effective implementation of International Standards while safeguarding environment, life, property & information.

grade Steadfast Advantages

We have a highly qualified and experienced pool of auditors.
The Steadfast certificate is recognized and accepted globally.
We are a highly professional, independent, impartial and unbiased certification body.
We provide objective recommendations for ongoing continuous improvement.
We focus on the effectiveness of the system and its practicality in the local environment.